• Denver – Front Range.

    What an amazing view. What a hybrid impression – Denver, the pulsating city in the foreground, framed by the snow-covered peaks of the Front Range in the background. The Front Range runs in a north-south direction between Casper, Wyoming and Pueblo, Colorado and rises to nearly 10.000 ft over the Great Plains. Longs Peak, Mount Evans and Pikes Peak are the most noteable peaks, visible from the Interstate 25 corridor. The area is a popular spot for mountain biking, hiking, climbing and camping during the warmer months, as well as for skiing and snow-boarding in the winter.

    Millions of years ago todays Front Range was the home of ancient mountain ranges, deserts, beaches and even oceans.

  • Jackson – Teton Range.

    The USA are also the „Land of unlimited possibilities“ for the PanoramaKnife. We will start in a small scale there.

    The Teton Range is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in North America. It stretches for about 64 km in a northern south direction through the State of Wyoming, east of the Idaho State Line. It is situated south of the Yellowstone national park and the major part of its east range is found at Grand Teton National park.
    Early french travellers called the area „les trois tétons“ ( the three nipples) after its distinctive, breast-shaped  mountain peaks. Todays name is derived from this. It is probable that the native Shoshones called the whole range „Teewinot“, which means „many pinnacles“.

  • Salt Lake City – Wasatch Range.

    In the USA, as in Europe as well, one can see impressive mountain ranges from a lot of cities. On the one hand they offer shelter from weather desasters, on the other they draw people up when the summers get too hot.

    Since the very beginning of their settlement, the majority of the Utah population had decided to settle along the western frontier of the mountains where numerous river courses left the mountains. They became vital and essential sources for water, wood and granite for the early settlers. Today, 85 % of the Utah population lives within 15 miles of the Wasatch Range, mainly in the western valleys. This concentration is called the Wasatch Front and has a population of a little more than 2 million people. Salt Lake City is situated between the Wasatch Range and the great Salt Lake.

  • When the most beautiful mountains in the USA encounter the most beautiful knives from Switzerland, the result is a knife with the most beautiful panoramas: a Best of USA Panorama Knife. Perhaps you are already basking in pleasant memories. Memories of the sight of the Maroon Bells mountain range, the most photographed location in Colorado.

  • “The mountain is out” – when this sentence is heard in Seattle, then the weather is good. This saying has become synonymous with sunshine and cloudless skies. In a region where rain is not exactly a rare occurrence, this is definitely a highlight. Another highlight is our new PanoramaKnife with The Mountain – Mount Rainer! With its 14,411 foot altitude, this is the highest mountain in the Cascade Range, and virtually impossible to miss. Although in fact when the sky is cloudy and the climate inclement, one can only guess where its summit is. Conversely, when the weather is fine, the origin of the phrase “the mountain is out” is self-explanatory. The six most popular mountains, which make up the mountain range that extends across the State of Washington, also include Mount Si, Mount Olympus, Mount St. Helens, Mount Baker and Mount Adams. Each of these are special in their own particular way. For this reason, we simply had to create a Washington’s 6 Signature Mountains PanoramaKnife. People in Seattle love their mountains, and sort of love the climate too. Live like the mountain is out – even if the sky is full of clouds. The beauty of the natural environment is there to be enjoyed!

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