• Our very first products. The PanoramaKnife bread knives.

    The fact that these bread- knives have turned out ultra sharp was pure coincidence. Together with the knife forgery Klötzli from Burgdorf, we had decided to grind the blades a little deeper to give the impression of snow on top of the peaks. The result was that our knives cut better, even dry meat or tomatoes. Attention: it is as always with a first time. Start carefully and slowly. Talk to the PanoramaKnife and it will never hurt you.
    The PanoramaKnives are, like most of available knives, made from rust-free blade-steel, Rockwell 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.4116. hardened to 54-55 HRC. The bolts are made of aluminium. The blade is blue-polished and the handle is made from rose-, walnut-wood or polypropylene. Although blade and handle are made in Italy, the PanoramaKnife corresponds to Swiss quality standards.

    In order to keep the wooden handles smooth, please wash by hand.

  • Pure Swissness. Our PanoramaKnife cheese knives.

    The nicest panoramas for the best Swiss cheese. And yes, one can also cut Camembert with it. Or Gouda. Or Stilton. Or Bel Paese, Pecorino and and and...

    Our cheese knives are also made from rust-free blade-steel, Rockwell 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.4116. hardened to 54-55 HRC. The bolts are made of aluminium. The blade is blue-polished and the handle made from rose- or walnut-wood. Although blade and handle are made in Italy, the PanoramaKnife corresponds to Swiss quality standards. Packaging is from the Thurgau and the finalising is done manually in Ermatingen.

    In order to keep the handles fit, please wash by hand.

  • Hard but cheese.

    For years, Italy imported more Sbrinz cheese from Switzerland than they exported Parmesan cheese. This trade balance now turns negative. Instead Switzerland now has the ultimate cheese crusher. With a beech wood handle for really big, strong cheese workers. But still beautifully elegant.

    The PanoramKnife cheese crushers are made of stainless steel 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.41 16 hardened to 54-55 HRC  (Hardness Rockwell C).

    Please do not wash in the dishwasher. Thank you.

  • One for everything. The PanoramaKnife universal knives.

    We have learned that Asians do not eat bread or cheese and therefore neither need bread knives nor cheese knives. Now there is a PanoramaKnife for those who already have everything. A little bit bigger than the usual kitchen knife and therefore ideal for anything that needs cutting. Good for the afternoon snack at home or an alpine hut. As well as meaty desires in the Far East. Very, very sharp, like all of our knives.
    The PanoramaKnife universal knives are made from rust-free blade-steel, Rockwell 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.4116. hardened to 54-55 HRC. The blade is blue-polished and the handles are made from rose- or walnut-wood. The bolts are made of aluminium.

    In order to keep the handles smooth for a long time, please wash by hand.

  • Our steak knives.

    Well, what is cut with our knives does not leave us indifferent. That`s why we have created an unprejudiced table knife that satisfies meat eaters but at the same time is able to cut tofu or vegetables. Perfect for steaks but also for Pizza – no matter what you put on it. And of beastly sharpness, if we may mention that here.

    The PanoramaKnife steak knives are made of stainless blade- steel 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.41 16 hardened to 54-55 HRC  (Hardness Rockwell C). The blades are bluepolished, the handles are made of Polypropylene (dishwasher-proof) and walnut wood (please wash by hand). The bolts are aluminium.

  • Our Breakfast Knife 3 in 1

    Have a breakfast like a god in France. Baguettes, Flûtes and Croissants but also small and delicious rolls complete the french breakfast culture which has already conquered the germanic parts of Europe. Who does not know about the organisational challenges at the table. One needs a bread knife to cut, a butter knife to spread and a spoon to load with honey, jam or Nutella. With our breakfast knife 3 in 1 all you need is one tool. The first breakfast knife with a really sharp blade. And – of course – the most beautiful peaks of Switzerland.

    The only thing you should never ever do – lick the knife. No, no, no. But thanks to the polycarbonate handle it can go into the dishwasher. Manufactured in Thiers, mecca of french knife making.

    Learn more about the breakfast knife ->

  • The sharpest multitool ever. Our PanoramaKnife pocket knives.

    The PanoramaKnife pocket knife will break the monoploy of the quality-pocket-knives-market.
    We do not re-invent the pocket knife (apart from a genius new blade), but the emotions tied to it. All that what we and our guests feel when looking at our mountain peaks and panoramas.
    And – we know every tree that gave wood for the handles.

  • PanoramaKnife XL: As if size matters.

    It does, definitely when you're cutting.

    We have been offering bread knives for 6 years, cheese knives for 5 years, even universal knives, steak knives, breakfast knives, cheese crusher and pocket knives. Exactly, depending on what you need the optimal tool for.

    Our PanoramaKnife XL is 4 cm longer and more than 1 cm wider than our bread knife. In Italy they call it "coltello pasticceria", in France "couteaux pâtissier". It is the knife that cuts Le Gâteau or Il Panettone, in Germany it is cakes, pies and other larger pastries. Here in Switzerland it's the Sunday plait. Everything that an even longer and wider blade can do for us. It's wide enough to serve the pieces of cake right away.

    And the whole knife is so ergonomically designed that it looks even sharper than our already known knives.

  • Switzerland’s most beautiful mountains in a pocket format to go! (available with or without paracord)

    KISS – no, it’s not merely a token of affection, it’s also an important communications formula and now also a PanoramaKnife in ultra-light pocket format!
    Keep It Short and Simple” means we should stick to the point. This promising formula was the key to our most recent PanoramaKnife family member.

    The idea for our super lightweight and elegant folding knife was born of “necessity”. A PanoramaKnife that is always at hand, ready to use, extremely lightweight and compact – that was our idea. Of course, a pocket knife clearly springs to mind. But, it’s already been done. Nevertheless ...

    We can do better, we thought, and then realised that what was needed was a folding knife in miniature format!

    By the way, this is how you fold the folding knife KISS together again: How to fold the KISS

  • Attention, PanoramaKnife is now even sharper!

    Knives with Teflon coatings promise the ultimate in functionality – with a particularly clean cut. Thanks to the Teflon coating, gliding qualities and corrosion protection are boosted and non-stick properties are superb. What’s more, it looks fabulous! As usual, the handle is crafted from walnut.

    With its eye-catching design, the black blade is striking. For all those who already have everything and delight in receiving exceptional gifts!

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