PanoramaKnife XL Knives

PanoramaKnife XL: As if size matters.

It does, definitely when you're cutting.

We have been offering bread knives for 6 years, cheese knives for 5 years, even universal knives, steak knives, breakfast knives, cheese crusher and pocket knives. Exactly, depending on what you need the optimal tool for.

Our PanoramaKnife XL is 4 cm longer and more than 1 cm wider than our bread knife. In Italy they call it "coltello pasticceria", in France "couteaux pâtissier". It is the knife that cuts Le Gâteau or Il Panettone, in Germany it is cakes, pies and other larger pastries. Here in Switzerland it's the Sunday plait. Everything that an even longer and wider blade can do for us. It's wide enough to serve the pieces of cake right away.

And the whole knife is so ergonomically designed that it looks even sharper than our already known knives.

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