PanoramaKnife Zurich Oberland

Zurich Oberland.

Tösstal, Greifensee, Uster, Rüti or Hinwil - these are certain big shots on the map of Switzerland. But most important of all are the view points on the foothills of the Zurich Oberland. And just as important is a company from Wald, which found that there should be a PanoramaKnife with a view from the Zurich Oberland to the Zurich Oberland and the mountains of Central Switzerland. Thank you EW Wald!

When developing our panoramas, it is important that we have a point on the map from which the peaks can best be seen. Sometimes it is an excursion restaurant, a lonely pasture, a tree or an aerial photograph at a certain height. In this case, the point is 180 metres above Gibswil. And our painter Wolfram Paul has painted a beautiful picture. As a basis for the knife and the brochure in the packaging. Beautiful - isn't it?

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