PanoramaKnife Folding Knife

Switzerland’s most beautiful mountains in a pocket format to go! (available with or without paracord)

KISS – no, it’s not merely a token of affection, it’s also an important communications formula and now also a PanoramaKnife in ultra-light pocket format!
Keep It Short and Simple” means we should stick to the point. This promising formula was the key to our most recent PanoramaKnife family member.

The idea for our super lightweight and elegant folding knife was born of “necessity”. A PanoramaKnife that is always at hand, ready to use, extremely lightweight and compact – that was our idea. Of course, a pocket knife clearly springs to mind. But, it’s already been done. Nevertheless ...

We can do better, we thought, and then realised that what was needed was a folding knife in miniature format!

By the way, this is how you fold the folding knife KISS together again: How to fold the KISS

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items
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