PanoramaKnife Universal Knives

One for everything. The PanoramaKnife universal knives.

We have learned that Asians do not eat bread or cheese and therefore neither need bread knives nor cheese knives. Now there is a PanoramaKnife for those who already have everything. A little bit bigger than the usual kitchen knife and therefore ideal for anything that needs cutting. Good for the afternoon snack at home or an alpine hut. As well as meaty desires in the Far East. Very, very sharp, like all of our knives.
The PanoramaKnife universal knives are made from rust-free blade-steel, Rockwell 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.4116. hardened to 54-55 HRC. The blade is blue-polished and the handles are made from rose- or walnut-wood. The bolts are made of aluminium.

In order to keep the handles smooth for a long time, please wash by hand.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items
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