• Around the universe – everything that does not belong to any country.

    Ain’t no mountain high enough.

    Humanity strives for ever more, ever further and ever higher. Not all citizens of the earth, but many. And a lot seems to be unattainable for the time being. This is exactly the phenomenon this department of our knives is dedicated to.

    Whether we show the 14 highest mountains of the world on a pocket knife, offer the highest mountains of the 7 continents for cutting or hold the three times higher peaks on Mars on the blade; behind each of these panoramas is the philosophy: "We searched the impossible for the possible.“ (Quote Reinhold Messner).

    Who knows, maybe we'll turn the moon panorama into a cutting tool or the most beautiful volcanoes. Does that suit you?

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Showing 1 - 64 of 109 items
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