• Zugspitze. Our 1st German panorama.

    Please forgive us a little smile while writing this text, but in Switzerland our mountains start at 2962 metres, respectively 38 metres more.

    Perhaps this ist he reason why we now offer the Zugspitze PanoramaKnife, as seen from the Munich Olympic mountain. We would like to welcome the Bavarians and the Bavarian Alps to our family of PanoramaKnives. Because those mountains are just as beautiful as our own. All one has to do is step a little closer to get a similar impression. Oh yes, there are quite a few peaks in Switzerland that are not as beautiful as the Zugspitze, but, as they say – opposites attract each other. Welcome to the club.

  • The Allgäu Alps. Our second mountain panorama in Germany.

    And a little bit of Austria, because as only few know, a good part of the Allgäu summits lies in the neighbouring country. It doesn't matter, does it?

    Whether hikers, mountain bikers, landscape photographers or wellness fans, the Allgäu area attracts visitors from all over the world with its geo- and topographical, cultural and linguistic peculiarities. As different as their needs may be, they all have one thing in common: their love for the Alps! The passion for exceptional panoramas and mountain landscapes - our brand PanoramaKnife fits perfectly.

    So we are very pleased to be able to present it to you, it is already the second mountain panorama for Germany after the Zugspitze.

  • Welcome to the Swabian Alb!

    The Swabian Alb, formerly also called Swabian Alb or Swabian Jura, offers a unique landscape and invites to numerous cultural and leisure activities. Whether hiker, mountain biker or climber - this magical region fascinates everyone. As one of the regions with the most castles and palaces in Germany, a stay in the Swabian Alb is like a journey back in time. From the impressive castle Hohenzollern, over the fairytale castle Lichtenstein, up to the medieval Staufenburg.

    A panorama that we absolutely wanted to realize on our products.

  • A knife that could have come out of a fairy-tale – welcome to the Black Forest!

    Where does the Black Forest, which is known for its evergreen forests, get its name? And what do the Brothers Grimm have to do with the mountain region that borders France? Many of the stories collected by the Brothers Grimm take place in the Black Forest. Its dense forest cover and picturesque villages make the Black Forest seem magical and mystical. It was given its name by the Romans, however. They called the huge uninhabited forest region silva nigra – forest black. In those days, people settled only along the edge of the forest, nobody dared to clear the dense woodland. Later, with its spruce forests, the forest did indeed appear very dark and almost black. Unfortunately, the bark beetle also feels at home in dense black spruce forest.

    For this reason, foresters are planting more deciduous trees today and the Black Forest is becoming more colourful.

    A spectacularly beautiful panorama with fairy-tale stories to dream about. To enable you to recall your personal Black Forest memories for many years to come, we have created a fittingly wonderful PanoramaKnife for you. We hope you enjoy using this knife!

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