• Alpstein-Churfirsten.

    Oh well, the Churfirsten. Yes – the Churfirsten. The rocks that made everything roll. They were the ones that gave birth to PanoramaKnife. We already feature them on all Lake Constance products, also all Churfirsten products, from both sides.

    But we had forgotten something: the area around these „holy“ peaks, the Säntis and the Hoher Kasten is a cheese area. Next to the popular Appenzeller and Tilsiter, there are dozens of smaller, fine specialities, made every day. And somehow fragmented – if somebody does not want the whole piece. This can now be done much better. With the cheese knife Alpstein-Churfirsten and the other products from this beautiful area.



  • Amden.

    The presumaby smallest municipality with its own PanoramaKnife, only has a street since 1880/82, linking the beautiful mountain village to Weesen at the Lake Walen. Perhaps this is the reason why the inhabitants had to rely on themselves for centuries and up to today do things that others would not do. For example – an own PanoramaKnife. For themselves only and, of course tourists may buy one because, at the end of the day, it will remind them of  one of the most spectacular views of Switzerland. The dominant Mürtschenstock right in the centre , surrounded by some of the most beautiful peaks of the Glarner Alps. One of the very few places that is marvellous at any time of the year and always worth a visit.


  • Our first one. Berner Oberland.

    Interlaken is probably the most well known spot in the Berner Oberland. But even Interlaken would be nothing without the strong mountains and their wonderful tourism spots. Wengen, Mürren, Grindelwald, Meiringen, Brienz and much more. Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are the landmarks of this region but only the peaks of Äbeni Flue, the Breithorn, the Blüemlisalp, the Doldenhorns and Hockenhorns will complete the panorama.

    Completely complete will be the cheese knife Berner Oberland. With a view from Lake Thun. And the Niesen and the Stockhorn on top.


  • Best of Grisons. Something sharp for the corner.

    The holiday corner of Switzerland has endless amounts of mountains but not many coherent panoramas. That is why it took a little longer until we were able to invest into this wonderful Kanton. The Engadin, the Prättigau, the Schanfigg, the Surselva and the peaks of many more valleys will sooner or longer be shown on our knives.

    That is why we start with a knife „Best of Grisons“ before we work our way through all the valleys. Are you looking forward to it ?


  • The „Best of Schanfigg“ by Alpenhirt.

    Perfect match. Most of us only know this from dating. In other words: marriage preparation. Quite similar to what Adrian Hirt, manufacturer of natural Bündner dry meat specialties and Andy Hostettler, inventor of the PanoramaKnife experienced while talking on the phone for the first time. Not much later combined offers from both young entrepreneurs were available. First offer was the Bündnerfleisch and Salsiz combined with the adequate PanoramaKnife products. And now there is a very special collection with the most beautiful peaks of the Schanfigg.


  • Best of Switzerland. The most beautiful, highest, best of Switzerland.

    A cheeky collage of the most well known swiss mountains.

    Perhaps something for tourists but only perhaps, because, for example, for the cheese knife we had to do it this way because not all the different regions or areas had peaks that were sharp enough to pick up morsels of cheese. With the cutting-board we started with a „national“ motif in order to be able to offer it for a reasonable price. Everybody, however, now has at least one favorite peak on it. There is a possibility that we will go regional with those boards some time.


  • Our first Ticino products. Best of Ticino.

    The Swiss federal council finally has a new member from sunny Ticino. Signore Cassis, we are happy for you. As for perfect timing, we now release the „Best of Ticino“ PanoramaKnife products.
    Thinking about our most southern Canton one sees pictures of lakes and beautiful hills, vinyards, caves, happy people, green rivers and bridges were mad people throw themselves off. The rivers, however, must come from somewhere. Exactly. The come from the Ticino Alps.
    Very few people know that Ticino has just as nice and high mountains as other mountain cantons. That`s over now.
    We wish you a lot of joy with them and our wishes for the new federal counsellor are, that he may last as long as they do.


  • Best of Uri. Our first products for the very first Canton.

    Without Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (today Nid- and Obwalden) there would be no Switzerland. The medieval heroes who took the famous Rütli oath in AD 1291 came from those three cantons. That is why the Swiss people are also known as confederates. Become one of them. With the 11 most remarkable peaks of the original canton.


  • Lake Constance. The view that inspired PanoramaKnife.

    Oh yes, Lake Constance is a lake. One of the largest on the european continent. It connects Germany with Austria and Switzerland. And the Alpstein mountains connect the views of the wonderfull Lake Constance villages and towns: Constance, Meersburg, Immenstaad, Hagnau, Friedrichshafen, Langenargen or Lindau. But even looking from the Thurgau and the Kanton St. Gallen, the peaks with the Säntis in the centre make a fabulous impression.

    Order the PanoramaKnife no 2 now!

    The link below will show you all the nice things at and around the „Swabian Sea“:


  • The Churfirsten! Commitment always pays.

    You most certainly know what it feels like when somebody else has something you would like to have yourself.
    Let us call it early patterns from childhood.
    Well, reacting to some soft pressure from the Toggenburg we have made the Churfirsten. The view from Toggenburg. So what happens? The citizens behind the 7 mountains want one as well. Seen from their side. So we decided to letter the Churfirsten panorama from both sides. The way people from the Flumser mountains, the Sargans people or the visitors of Lake Walen will see it. Just as beautiful, but just from behind. Or from the front? Have fun with it.


  • Fribourg Pre-Alps.

    Fribourg with its valleys and mountains is a symbol of Switzerland. Two languages meet here which in turn leads to an extraordinary cultural and culinary landscape. Leave the motorway and enjoy what the Fribourg Canton has to offer.


  • Lake Geneva with Mont Blanc.

    We believe that the view of the grand mountains on the other side of the Lake Geneva is not an everday thing for the french speaking Swiss either. It gives one goose-pimples every time.
    From now on every day for everybody: the PanoramaKnife-Products Lake Geneva. Photographed and honed into the blade from the highest rising of the Jura – the Waadtlands Mont Tendre.

    The Mont Blanc and it`s colleagues cut Baguettes and Croissants just as easily as Waadtländer bread or the tough Wallis Rye bread. En plus : saucisses et légumes !


  • Our first hole. Glarus.

    There is hardly a more multifaceted tourist destination than the Glarnerland. Those who have been to this pre Alps territory will always return. A fantastic world between the Walensee and the Linth plain, surrounded by marvellous mountain peaks.


  • Our first knife from the Röstigraben: Gruyere

    Röstigraben: Artificial word describing the border between the german speaking and the french speaking parts of Switzerland. Literally translated it comes to something like: Fried potato ditch.

    And Rösti is the right hint, guiding one to the right direction. In regard to this and sometimes a little underestimated, is the bi-lingual Canton of Freiburg, especially the region of Greyerz (as it is called by most of the Bern-German speaking inhabitants), a culinary melting pot: everybody knows the world famous Gruyere Cheese and enjoys the fine chocolate by Cailler, made next to the Dent de Broc and the Vanil Noir overlooking Le Moléson. Experts value the nearly semi-solid double cream from Freiburg. And hardly enough people enjoy the products of the Epagny company – wonderful dried meat, Salami, sausages and other Apero specialities. In future you can enjoy them in combination with the PanoramaKnife products Gruyere.


  • Gstaad. Saanenland.

    An ideal world in which normal mortals can spot and meet normal royals, actors, musicians, stars and starlets.

    The well looked after mountain landscape and the very clear Chalet architecture turns the Gstaad Saanenland into something incredibly equalising. Here all of us are simply people who enjoy and share the beauty of the Alps.

    And there is something else that is the same for everybody: the PanoramaKnife Gstaad products. Sharp like all other panoramas and exclusive for those who own it for a price that is affordable for everybody.


  • Our Lenzerheide.

    The alpine oasis in the heart of Graubünden. That is what the tourist experts call it. Beautiful peaks and a perfect valley. Thats what we call it. Fact is – anywhere where PanoramKnife-Knives are cutting – there is always a valley.

    Together with Arosa there are 225 km of ski runs and endless winter- and summer walking routes, able to increase your heartbeat. During the summer, cyclists crest the summits and use the flow trails fort he way back into the valley. Grand. Is it not?


  • Our first products showing the panorama view from the Linth plain.

    St. Gallenkappel is not really your typical tourist hotspot where one sees Asians and tourists taking pictures. However, one meets natives wandering the hills.
    There are quite a few reasons for going there sometime. Looking at the town and, of course, tot he south-west, one can see the Linth plain which connects the Walensee with the Lake Zürich by means of the Linth channel . Completely submerged during the last ice age. One can also see the „King of the foothills oft he Alps“ – the Speer. This is Europe`s highest conglomerate mountain (1952m) with a view like from a post-card. Followed by a panorama chain oft he Glarner Alps, this time from a different perspective.
    By the way – did you know that the Linth channel allows for swimming and boating over the summer?

  • Upper Engadine. Surrounded by beauty.

    What can we say?

    An incomparable landscape, an own climate, a lot of 3000 and 4000 metre mountains and very posh holiday spots. Here is the origin of the word »Summer-Freshness«.
    This is the place where the very first Grand Hotels were built.
    Tourism in it`s most pure and most beautiful meaning.

    The Upper Engadine belongs to the Engadine. Obviously, to Grisons. And to Switzerland.


  • Sparenmoos - Obersimmental.
    Much more than just cattle meadows.

    The various plateaus at the foot of the Hundsrügg form the Sparenmoos, which is regarded as moorland of national importance. From Sparenmoos we find the most beautiful view of the mountains in the Upper Simmental – Boltigen, Zweisimmen, St. Stephan and the Lenk.

    For summer and winter time the Sparenmoos is consi - dered a tip for nature-based recreation.

  • Our second panorama from the west of Switzerland. Portes du Soleil.

    The Portes du Soleil is one of the biggest Skiing areas in the world. It is also the „door“ of the French alps to the Swiss alps – or vice versa. The famous „Pas de Chavanette“ or the slope known as the Swiss Wall are on the grounds of Champéry, in other words on the Swiss part of the Portes du Soleil. This slope, 1 kilometre long and featuring 391 metres of height, is believed to be one of the most difficult slopes open to the public in the world. A very special alpine world around Les Dents du Midi, which now has its own PanoramaKnife collection. Very sharp and sometimes spikey knives and genuine wood products. Only for you.


  • Säntis. Again.

    Yes and no. Our intuition for the PanoramaKnife has something to do with the Säntis. With the view from the Lake Constance towards the Alpstein. That is why our second panorama is called Lake Constance. Now we drove on for another 45 minutes – to the Hundwilerhöhe.

    Well, as it is with mountains, depending on where you stand, you will see other, impressive peaks. So now we offer Säntis for all those from Appenzell. Enjoy.


  • Our 3rd. Saas Fee.

    Yes, this where Zurbriggens come from and got their finishing touches fort he world cup and the Olympic medals. Saas Fee, however, is also well known for it`s sustainable tourism.
    The free holiday republic, as it calls itself, supports ecologically based vacation experiences. And actually has a very beautiful panorama. Including the highest mountain that stands entirely on Swiss ground. Do you know which one it is?

    Frau Egger from the city butchers has made it possible for you to now be able to buy these mountains at her shop in Saas Fee or online here.


  • Valais. Our 5th.

    Well, what can one say? The most famous peak in the world. Not the highest but the most beautiful.

    The fact that we actually managed to design a PanoramaKnife for the Matterhorn makes us a little proud. Even if the spike seems to stand alone – it most certainly cuts just as well as it`s neighbours: the Dufour-Peak, the Breithorn, Castor and Pollux and on all the other products they simply look beautiful.


  • Central Swiss Alps. The heart of Switzerland.

    Although Lucerne is the starting point for the central Swiss Alps, the counties (Kantone) Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden and Nidwalden (former Unterwalden) and some brave people are the foundation pillars of the Swiss confederation. An area of elevated beauty gives distinction to the natives and the visitors up to today. Mountains and lakes wherever one looks.


  • Zurich. Our 6TH.

    Of course, the Ütliberg is the city mountain of Zurich. But it is only that beautiful because one can see the Alps from up there. By the way, you can also see them from the lakeside in the city.

    When the weather permits, the mountains around the Tödi, the Clariden, the Glarner alps seem to be less than 20 km away. Located directly at the end of Lake Zürich. An unforgettable view. Caught on the PanoramaKnife number 4.


  • Best of Davos. Our first products with larch wood.

    To be even more precise - larch from the Prättigau. Where Davos and Klosters say hello to each other.

    Davos is the highest town in Europe and behaves like it: culture, art, history and together with Klosters an apex of sport - in winter as well as in summer.

    The idea of making the handles of the universal knives from larch wood came from the Ardüser Schreinerei AG in Davos. They then also produced the wooden blocks needed for the handle production. In this respect, this is not a limited edition, but a special edition.

    www.davos.ch and www.klosters.ch

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