• Best of Austria. Country of mountains.

    Our home country is well known for a lot of beauty. Like the music by Mozart, the many wonderful buildings of the monarchies, for the famous Empress Sissi and, last but not least, all the mountains within our country. What would make more sense than to place those mountains on PanoramaKnife products? Grossglockner, Schafberg, Grossvenediger, Wildspitze or Traunstein are only five of the impressive peaks we are showing. They will assist you when cutting whatever you need to cut. Much loved PanoramaKnife.

  • Best of Salzburg. The coronation.

    One can imagine a lot of things called „Best of Salzburg“. Mozart City shines with the Salzburg Festival, the beautiful historic centre, the castle, the palaces and the museums. Salzburg has all it takes to be part of the UNESCO world heritage. The peaks on the PanoramaKnife Products „Best of Salzburg“ will now crown the magnificent surrounding of the whole Salzburg countryside. The Grossvendiger, the Kitzsteinhorn, the Bischofsmütze or the Untersberg are only 4 of the impressive mountains, used by you in future to cut anything that you do not want to enjoy in one piece. Yes, even Mozart Balls. Oh – one does not share those?

  • Best of Vorarlberg. They have it nice.

    The Gsi-Berger, as they are lovingly called by the rest of the Austrians, live in an incomparably beautiful little world. Between lake Constance and the highest peak of Vorarlberg, the Piz Buin. There you can find, for example the Lake Formarin, elected the nicest place in Austria in 2015. It is placed right in front of the Rote Wand (Red Wall), an impressive mountain massif made from red limestone. The two mountains make, together with another 12 remarkable peaks, the setting for the PanoramaKnife product series „Best of Vorarlberg“. Native feelings which can now be used by the people of Vorarlberg and their friends, to cut and present the result perfectly.

  • Our first one in a foreign country. Grossglockner.

    If Switzerland would not exist, Austria would be the most beautiful country in the world. With the highest mountain peaks in Europe and the fastest skiers (after the Liechtensteinians).

    So much for the country. But not the people. Rumour has it that the Austrians are much nicer than the Swiss. First of all concerning tourism. Well, they have to, with all those little mountains. We say – yes, it is correct. They are nicer, more polite, more amenable. Especially the two Oswalds who have made it possible that Austria now has it`s own PanoramaKnife. By the way, it is one of the nicest.

  • The Nordkette (Northchain) is the southernmost mountain chain of the Karwendel mountains.

    It makes a great backdrop for Tyrol`s capital Innsbruck and its holiday villages and is at the same time Austrias biggest nature park.
    The Hafelekar Peak (2334 m) offers a spectacular view and can be reached by Hungerburg funicular and Seegrube cable car directly from the historical centre of Innsbruck.
    The striking rock formations of the Nordkette have always kindled the imagination of the population - one of the peaks in the west looks like a woman on a horse. This led to the legend of „Frau Hitt“, a parsimonious and disrespectful giant queen who, for eternal punishment was turned into stone.

  • Wilder Kaiser.

    There are good reasons why people have chosen to live or to holiday at Ellmau, Going, Scheffau, or Söll. The incomparable mountain air, the closeness to cities in Germany or Austria, the friendliness and the recreational opportunities. Now there is even more: souvenirs that will fit every kitchen in the area of the Wilder Kaiser. Or the ones in the other counties. Where one can call back all those beautiful moments.

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