PanoramaKnife Gruyere

Our first knife from the Röstigraben: Gruyere

Röstigraben: Artificial word describing the border between the german speaking and the french speaking parts of Switzerland. Literally translated it comes to something like: Fried potato ditch.

And Rösti is the right hint, guiding one to the right direction. In regard to this and sometimes a little underestimated, is the bi-lingual Canton of Freiburg, especially the region of Greyerz (as it is called by most of the Bern-German speaking inhabitants), a culinary melting pot: everybody knows the world famous Gruyere Cheese and enjoys the fine chocolate by Cailler, made next to the Dent de Broc and the Vanil Noir overlooking Le Moléson. Experts value the nearly semi-solid double cream from Freiburg. And hardly enough people enjoy the products of the Epagny company – wonderful dried meat, Salami, sausages and other Apero specialities. In future you can enjoy them in combination with the PanoramaKnife products Gruyere.

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