PanoramaKnife Linthgebiet

Our first products showing the panorama view from the Linth plain.

St. Gallenkappel is not really your typical tourist hotspot where one sees Asians and tourists taking pictures. However, one meets natives wandering the hills.
There are quite a few reasons for going there sometime. Looking at the town and, of course, tot he south-west, one can see the Linth plain which connects the Walensee with the Lake Zürich by means of the Linth channel . Completely submerged during the last ice age. One can also see the „King of the foothills oft he Alps“ – the Speer. This is Europe`s highest conglomerate mountain (1952m) with a view like from a post-card. Followed by a panorama chain oft he Glarner Alps, this time from a different perspective.
By the way – did you know that the Linth channel allows for swimming and boating over the summer?

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