PanoramaKnife Best of Ticino

Our first Ticino products. Best of Ticino.

The Swiss federal council finally has a new member from sunny Ticino. Signore Cassis, we are happy for you. As for perfect timing, we now release the „Best of Ticino“ PanoramaKnife products.
Thinking about our most southern Canton one sees pictures of lakes and beautiful hills, vinyards, caves, happy people, green rivers and bridges were mad people throw themselves off. The rivers, however, must come from somewhere. Exactly. The come from the Ticino Alps.
Very few people know that Ticino has just as nice and high mountains as other mountain cantons. That`s over now.
We wish you a lot of joy with them and our wishes for the new federal counsellor are, that he may last as long as they do.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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