Swissness - but really

Sticking to our motto „Never give up“, we found a small family business in Premana, Northern Italy, that allowed us with a lot of artisan skills and even more dedication to answer all our customers wishes.

That is why, right from the beginning, the boxes says: „The Original. Swiss Idea, Swiss Quality (made to Swiss Quality standards), produced in Premana/Italy.“

Since March 2018, this very same family now has a small factory in Vicosoprano that, at the moment, only produces our knives. Vicosoprano is in the municipality of Bergell/CH, going down the Maloja Pass from St. Moritz to Chiavenna. The factory is called BregagliaKnife and is able to manufacture all our Bread- and Universal Knives bearing wooden handles „Made in Switzerland“. Yippiehh.

In order not to throw away all already printed boxes, we have produced a small, red sticker which will tell you which knives have already been made in Switzerland and which ones come from 10 km away from the Orobic Alps.

All knives bearing plastic handles are made in Premana/IT at the moment. The Breakfast Knives come from Thiers/FR. The necessary investments into machines will not pay off at the moment, but who knows – in a few years time our customers will make us grow to size.

Which from where – you can see that on the back of the boxes. We are in favour of total transparency – even if we sometimes think „No matter whether Marco makes the knife in Premana or in Vicosoprano – it is still made by the very same Marco. The one with the skillful hands.“;


Panoramaknife - When romantic mountain panoramas become sharp memories

It all began with a simple, but brilliant idea: to replicate the panorama of a mountain range on the blade of a bread knife and to include the names and heights of the mountains. This idea broke all the conventions of the standard bread knife with a serrated edge, because it soon became clear that the PanoramaKnife edge with irregular serrations was not merely optically a cutting-edge solution!

The idea arose some six years ago in Switzerland. A beautiful, but foggy September morning produced the first knife blade: Mount Säntis and its neighbouring mountains. PanoramaKnife was born. It soon became apparent that PanoramaKnife products generated emotions on account of their native and local origin. This is because everyone can have their very own Panorama, namely the particular panorama that means so much to them as a local resident, tourist or mountain lover. In a charming manner, simultaneously kitsch and practical, you can secure a piece of your home country, a good feeling or a nice memory for your everyday life, or can give this away.

With exclusive and practical everyday utility items, our PanoramaKnife brand has quickly established itself with products in the design, gift, souvenir and kitchen accessories market in Switzerland. We have also expanded PanoramaKnife internationally since 2016.

It is probably the mixture of functionality, emotions, exclusive design and quality that makes the success so magical. Swiss quality in the truest sense of the word, as since March 2018 we have been producing the majority of the product range in Switzerland. The remainder is set to follow by the end of 2019. At present, this is still being produced in Premana IT - of course likewise in the highest quality. Come with us on a journey through fascinating mountain worlds, and become part of the PanoramaKnife success story. We are always open to new ideas. And when innovation meets passion the result is always very special!

Edelweiss in Premana/IT

Premana is a small village in the Orobic Alps, east of Lake Como. For a few months during the wild 15th century, this part of Italy was actually also part of the Swiss confederation.

Also for 100th of years the knife- and scissors manufacturing has been part of this village thanks to large ore reserves in the valley. 150 small and smallest family enterprises produce nearly all of the Italian, and some foreign, demand for cutlery and cutting devices.

The 4 brothers and their sisters and sons grind our blades individually by hand with a deep love for detail.

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