Gift Sets


Giving ist joyful.

When you want to give presents to your loved ones, we want to give you a present in return and make giving as easy as possible for you. Instead of clicking through thousands of possible gift-set combinations you simply continue to fill your shopping basket. As soon as there is more than one product in the basket, you will profit from 5% gift rebate. With 3 products it grows to 10% and 4 products will gain you 15%. If your basket, after deduction of all rebates, represents a value of EUR 420.- we will also forget about the shipping costs. Sometimes it is even enough to buy the respective gift-wrapper to reach the next level. Like it?

Rebates at one glance:
5 % gift rebate for 2 products
10 % gift rebate for 3 products
15 % gift rebate for 4 products
No shipping costs from 420 EUR*

* Applies only to the following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, San Marino, United Kingdom, Vatican City State.

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