PanoramaKnife goes Salt Lake City

The PanoramaKnife team has been successfully developing knives with mountain panoramas in Switzerland since 2012. There are now over 80 different panoramas, in Switzerland alone. But mountains and their enthusiasts are not only to be found here in Switzerland, but all over the world. That’s why we decided in 2016 to implement our idea internationally and set out in search of the most beautiful mountain panoramas in the world.

One of the largest, most natural and beautiful mountain areas in the world is located in the USA – the Rocky Mountains. For Marco and Hans-Peter, both passionate sales managers at PanoramaKnife, it was clear: the Rocky’s deserve a PanoramaKnife! So they set off on their first trip to the USA in February 2017. Their PanoramaKnife adventure began in Denver and took them across Breckenridge, Vail and Aspen, right through the Rocky Mountains. On March 1, 2017 they were driving from Prove towards Salt Lake City when they suddenly HAVE to stop. No, not because of a traffic jam, but because what they saw made their PanoramaKnife heart beat a few beats faster… What a sunset, what a breathtaking panorama!

The first USA Panoramaknife

This first contact with Utah and the Wasatch Mountains left not only a lasting impression, but also the first PanoramaKnife in the USA.

It was not easy to find the first interesting customers for the Wasatch Mountain PanoramaKnife. These special knives were still completely unknown in the USA. But they didn’t care, they were burning for this impressive mountain range and that’s why Marco & Hans-Peter had only one plan A: to produce this knife! Today, 3 years later, we are happy that we have already found some wonderful partners who sell our first “USA-Baby” in Utah. More products have been added and we are very happy about this success. In addition we are proud to support the event “Wasatch Mountains, Save our Canyons” with a PanoramaKnife. Nature conservation is very important to us and that is why we support various organizations in Switzerland that work to protect nature. “Wasatch Mountains, Save our Canyons” is the first organization outside of Switzerland that we support. We want the wonderful, wild nature of the Wasatch Mountains to be preserved for a very long time! That’s why we will donate USD 2.00 from every PanoramaKnife “Wasatch Mountains” sold to this valuable organization.


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