We present you the Vintage Edition:

The Best of Switzerland set of 2 universal knives with handles made of Davos sledge wood.

This is how the Vintage Edition was created.

Our designer Reana Hostettler had the idea of making a collectors edition and playing with the handles. In the next few years we will implement some of the various suggestions from time to time.

For the start, for our mountain knives and also as a Christmas super present, the wood from Davos sled seemed very suitable to us. And so we found a huge selection of broken, no longer used, abandoned or simply abandoned Davosers (via ebay, Ricardo and friends). Sometimes from ash wood, sometimes from beech, sometimes from larch, sometimes indefinable.

Our friends from the Ekkharthof then took them apart by hand and cut the matching strips into small pieces of wood. These pieces then went to the handle factory near Bergamo, from where they returned to Switzerland, to Vicosoprano to our partner BregagliaKnife. There the blades were sharpened and the knives finished.

However, if you turn the „Tütscheli“ to handle format, the typical features of the Davos look disappear. There remain pieces of wood, some of which you can see their age and some of which you can‘t. Depending on where the sledges stood and how they were treated. That‘s why we developed our own logo for our Limited Edition (there are only 430 of these sets), so that the later owners are sure to have one of them. However, we didn‘t laser print the logo, but applied it by hand at Urwyler&Hostettler in Ermatingen, as we used to do with a brand stamp.

The set of 2 universal knives Davoser sledge Vintage, Best of Switzerland is not to be confused with the also new universal knife with the Davos mountains and handles made of Prättigauer larch wood.


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