The sharpest gift for business clients.

Or for your best employees or simply all those who have earned it.

Certain panoramas are possible to manufacture in smaller quantities.

The popular Pocket knives, Steak knives, the well known Bread-, Cheese- or Universal Knives – they all cut using the most beautiful mountains. Certain panoramas are possible to manufacture in smaller quantities. With matching wooden cutting boards to pair. Some panoramas, like cities or other crazy things, can be realized starting at 300 units. The boards even starting at 50 units.


  • One customer ordered 100 Universal knives with his own Logo on the blade. Price: approx. 49 CHF per knife.
  • Another customer had his own Cheese knife designed. 300 units. Price: approx. 53 CHF per knife.
  • 150 Bread Knives with their own packaging and Logo on the blade went for 67 CHF.
  • We also had a customer once who bought 50 sets of 4 Universal knives each, with wooden board per set and their own wrapper for 260 CHF altogether. A luxury gift.
  • The most priceworthy were 150 Breakfast knives, Logo on the blade, for 40 CHF per piece.

Generous company rates will be given starting at 25 pieces. We are happy to make you a personal offer.

Tell us your budget and the needed amount. We will then find the right present for you.

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