Best of Swiss Alps – East, Breakfast Knife 3-in-1


Mountains: Tödi, Monte Generoso, Säntis, Piz Bernina, Pilatus, Titlis


Even if the French breakfast more intensive, the trend to small bakery slowly goes east – to Switzerland and Germany. That is the reason for this Breakfast Knife. The only one that really cuts but can also be used to spread butter or marmelade. Made from nicely shining polycarbonate, dish-washer safe but never to be licked clean.

Manufactured in Thiers, mecca of french knife making.

Blade: 10 cm, made from stainless steel (Rockwell C, 54/56, Carbon 0.46 %, Chromium 13 %)
Handles: 10 cm, made from black polycarbonate, highly polished
Rivets: Stainless steel, polished black

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