Berchtesgadener Alpen, Bread Knife TEFLON


Panorama: Kehlstein, Hohes Brett, Jenner, Hochkönig, Kl. Watzmann, Gr. Watzmann, Hochkalter


A legendary mountain group of the Northern Eastern Alps, around Berchtesgaden. Its beautiful peaks give the impression of a “family” lined up side by side. According to legend, the country was once ruled by the cruel King Waze or Wazemann. After trampling a peasant family to death with his steed, he was cursed by the farmer’s wife that God should turn him and his family to stone. The earth opened up, spat fire and transformed the royal family into the present Watzmann. Sometimes it is even said that the Königsee and Obersee were formed by the blood of the royal family flowing together and that Watzmann’s dogs fell to their deaths.

By the way, the black blade made of Teflon does not only look beautiful, it also cuts quite well… The Teflon coating ensures a particularly clean cut, so that no material to be cut sticks to it.

A handmade knife, made in Switzerland.

The almost velvety handle is made of walnut wood.

Please wash by hand!

Whole knife: approx. 33.5 x 3.4 x 1.7 cm
Blade: approx. 21.4 x 3 x 0.2 cm