Best of Swiss Alps – West, Breakfast Knife 3-in-1


Mountains: Dufourspitze, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Matterhorn, Dents du Midi

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Le Petit Déjeuner est très important en France et dans la Romandie. For all these frankophone people we have created a Breakfast Knife. The only one that really cuts but can also be used to spread butter or marmelade. Made from nicely shining polycarbonate, dish-washer safe but never to be licked clean.

Manufactured in Thiers, mecca of french knife making.

Blade: 10 cm, made from stainless steel (Rockwell C, 54/56, Carbon 0.46 %, Chromium 13 %)
Handles: 10 cm, made from black polycarbonate, highly polished
Rivets: Stainless steel, polished black

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