Stettler Salt Set


Universal Knife and salt

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No, not Hostettler. Stettler manufactory. Valentin Stettler. Exactly, the Stettler from Stedy. He is an alchemist – turns inconspicuous ingredients into tasty spices and, brand new, three precious salts based on hand-harvested sea salt from the Camarque, which conjure up a treat for the palate from every Zmorge, Znüni, Zmittag, Zvieri or Znacht.

The racy Habanero with chilli, the Mediterranean with the scent of Tuscany and the trendy with the joy effect of turmeric. In beautiful 106 gram glasses. A pinch of life feeling.

Our set offer: Choose one of our universal knives and one of these three salts and benefit from the set price of 79 CHF instead of 88 CHF.

With more than 30 universal knives and three salts, there is sure to be a combination for you.

Set contains following products:
+ Universal Knife of your choice with wooden handle
+ salt of your choice