Zugspitze, Aperitif Platter


Diameter: approx. 25 cm


Vesper platter, aperitif platter or “Znüniplättli”, no matter what you call it, it’s sure to please. You can present your lovingly prepared delicacies on it and surprise your guests with an unusual design and the breathtaking panorama of the Zugspitze.

Diameter: approx. 25 cm

Tip: Treated with linseed oil, it allows the grain of the wood to stand out beautifully and offers protection against moisture. It can bend when wet. Let it dry with the side facing down to bring it back into shape. Rub in a drop of natural oil every now and then for a longer life.

Important: This is a natural product. The grain, shape and brightness of the wood can vary greatly and deviate from the product image.