PanoramaKnife Cheese Knives

Pure Swissness. Our PanoramaKnife cheese knives.

The nicest panoramas for the best Swiss cheese. And yes, one can also cut Camembert with it. Or Gouda. Or Stilton. Or Bel Paese, Pecorino and and and...

Our cheese knives are also made from rust-free blade-steel, Rockwell 42 (Molybdane/Vanadium) DIN No 1.4116. hardened to 54-55 HRC. The bolts are made of aluminium. The blade is blue-polished and the handle made from rose- or walnut-wood. Although blade and handle are made in Italy, the PanoramaKnife corresponds to Swiss quality standards. Packaging is from the Thurgau and the finalising is done manually in Ermatingen.

In order to keep the handles fit, please wash by hand.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items
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