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  • Classically, plain and simple, unfussy. The simple wooden boards.

    More and more customers asked us if we could offer a cutting board to go with the knife. Everything we do should fit the design of the knife – but must be, at the same time, a beautiful and useful kitchen utensil. Thats how, over time, different sizes of boards and the knife-blocks saw the light of day.
    We match two types of wood, maple and walnut in sumptuous marquetry. The wood comes from the USA and Canada and is FSC certified. The board is manufactured in a small carpenters shop in Ermatingen.
    Valuables must be looked after: the wooden products are oiled but not dish-washer safe. Wipe it after use with a damp cloth and do not use soap or detergent. From time to time you can reseal it with a drop of linseed oil (or any other edible oil).

  • Our beechwood boards To Go.

    Do you hate this term as much as we do? To go. No, not TOGO. In the sense of „Chaschmetnähh“ (you can take it with you). As if one could not take most of the things with one – if they are paid for. It is, however, suitable for our beechwood boards. They  measure a mere 15 x 23 cm and easily fit into every backpack. Or on your breakfast table, the garden table, even your bed. Anywhere where you need a beautiful base for cutting. They are available with Panorama engravings or holes (e.g. Matterhorn or animals). Latter ones are fitted with a leather string for hanging. Extremely functional and relatively low priced.

    The wood is beechwood from the Lake Constance area, planed and oiled. The designs were done by Reana Hostettler, as always, and carpenter and Laser Artist Dominik Mönch produces them manually.

    Please do not put into the dishwasher. Wash by hand and  treat with some edible oil from time to time.

  • The earth is a disk.

    And the Swiss mountains too, by the way. An old conspiracy theory is spreading since the beautiful planks that mean the world also exist in round form.
    This time maple wood with walnut inlay. To cut and present with 33 cm and 40 cm diameter.
    For wedding or birthday cakes - or, as is common in the Alemannic region, also for Sunday cakes. Or simply a pizza or cheese on it and basta?

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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items
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